New (online) home + book

I’m moving my blog to and I’m excited to share some details of my book (1 min read)

If you usually read my blog- thank you.

What have you been up to? I’ve been a bit quiet since May. It’s because I decided to use the summer to concentrate on finally finishing my book The Unexpected Leader (which has been a work in progress for almost two years). It tells the stories of school leaders who don’t fit the expected mould and I extract lessons that others can apply.


After locking myself away for a few days a week during July and August, I’ve finally got a workable draft together and it’s at editing stage. The current working title is The Unexpected Leader but my publisher and editor aren’t so sure so it could change.

Anyway, I’ve decided to upgrade to a paid for site over at so I can have more control.

If you’ve subscribed to this site using your email address then you’ll still receive updates. If you’ve subscribed using your WordPress account you’ll have go over and subscribe again using your email address -apparently WordPress won’t let me transfer you over.

Hopefully see you over there. I’ll still be blogging   there will be downloadable resources and a podcast too once I get around to editing the audio interviews that I recorded with senior leaders for my book.

Enjoyed reading this blog post? You can subscribe for future ones  you’ll also get a free copy of my ‘9 Lessons for unexpected leaders’ pdf.





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