Stop lying about being honest

It is easy for people and organisations to say they have values like honesty and integrity but what does that actually mean in practice? (173 words)

Companies and organisations quite often have values that they bandy about on their websites.

Two that come up a lot are integrity and honesty which could be considered similar things.

Leaders often talk about their own personal integrity too. It’s a popular thing to say and who can argue with it?

But what does it actually mean?

Theoretical integrity  is easy. Honesty is not really a big deal if nothing is at stake.But actual practical honesty what about that?

Would you still be honest if it meant not getting a job that you really wanted?

What about if it meant you loosing something  that meant a great deal to you?

How about if it meant failing a really key inspection at work with dire consequences for the organisation?

Integrity means nothing if it hasn’t been tested. Honesty that isn’t ever about something that really matters is just an illusion.







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