Embrace your expertise

We are sometimes reluctant to be called experts at work but really it’s a matter of perspective.

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine about something new that I wanted to try at work. She pointed out some aspects that I hadn’t considered and I said a throwaway line about being pleased I had an expert in my network.

She immediately replied that she was an enthusiast rather than an expert but it got me thinking.

If the person that you are talking to is a novice and you have a reasonable amount of knowledge then, relatively speaking, you are an expert.

Sure you may not have a doctorate or anything but we all have an area that we know better than other people because we are interested in it.

Quite often, after I’ve learnt something at work, I tend to share that knowledge with other people. In my view it creates sustainable teams and I thing it’s a good thing that people  I line manage or work with know how to do aspects of my role.

Let’s be proud of our relative expertise at work and other areas of our lives rather than downplaying it.


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